What Are Data Spaces?

A Data Space is a named structured data cluster within a distributed data network where each item of data has a unique HTTP-based identifier. More...

In a Data Space the Data Object Identity is distinct from its Content, Structure, and Location (Address), data object representations are delivered via structured content constrained by a schema. Creation, Update, and Deletion privileges are controlled by the Data Space owner.

In relation to the Web, data spaces provide clustered points of access to data objects instead of web pages.

Why OpenLink Data Spaces?

Productivity is still fundamentally driven by the ability to access, integrate, analyze, and disseminate data, information, knowledge, and wisdom to relevant parties on a timely basis. More...

Increasingly, productivity is being strained by the exponential growth of data volume, velocity, and variety due to the fact that most collaboration solutions end up being silos constrained by platform, data format, data access, and network specifity.

ODS breaks this walled-garden effect by providing collections of data, stemming from a variety of different sources, allowing to combine, filter, and protect the data through the support of industry standards and a powerful ACL rule system.